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Other Secrets [Jun. 2nd, 2004|08:23 pm]


There are other secrets to be discovered I found them at other HP communities.

In the Extra Stuff room, click and drag the eraser on the ledge of the post board over the blank page next to the pen. You'll uncover a picture indicating a feather, a flask, a spider, and leaves with arrows pointing to a cauldron. The leaves are pinned to the board in the Extra Stuff room, the spider is in the *Main Splash* page (not the fansites room), the flask is in the Links page, and the feather is in the fansites page. Just click on them to pick them up. Once you're done, you get the goods.

In the Links room, there is a book with a "?" symbol on it. Click and drag it aside to reveal a key. Use the key on the locked box next to the candle.

In the Fansites room, there are two oval shaped medals with "?" symbols on them, placed next to two boxes with oval shaped indentations. Click and drag each medal into a box. There is also an empty box like that on the top shelf as well. Someone should try to put a medal into there and see what happens.

On the Main Splash page, punch "62442" into the phone that is located in the top, left hand corner of the screen. The phone is partially covered by "The Latest Rumors Tabloid" and is directly left of the desk lamp switch and the keyboard. Once you've entered the numbers, hit the big blue button on the phone. You've just entered in the number for the Ministry of Magic. Incidentally, it also spells out "magic" on the alphanumeric pad.